Product Overview


One click transformation from COBOL to JAVA
Citus SIMBOL is a tool that helps transform quickly and easily legacy code COBOL to JAVA as well as giving a good insight of the original COBOL source code. By using the tool, each line of COBOL will generate very intentionally a single corresponding line of Java. The new JAVA source code can be easily tested, verified to speed up & secure the transition to open platforms. Re-architect then can be applied without much effort.


    • Easy-to-use

Citus SIMBOL has a user friendly interface so that users can effortlessly configure their inputs, manage conversion runs and collect convert results and reports. In addition, customers will be supported by our professional technical team during their experience with the conversion tool.

    • Fast and reliable

The tools have reached to auto conversion rate up to 80% of SIMBOL (tested on 10k programs/file corresponding to 1.3M lines of code) and a COBOL system with many dependencies can be converted within a day

    • Proven effectiveness in multiple projects

To help customers convert COBOL to JAVA with significantly lesser time and effort for their specific scenarios. Time to freeze the system is remarkably short, and changes during conversion time, if any, can be re-converted easily.