Product Overview


One-of-a-kind tool to convert your entire Mainframe source codes to Open Platform.

With years of experiences, FPT Software has established one of the finest and most experienced Cobol Migration capabilities in the world. Citus MagicWand was developed to assist users in migrating their systems from the troublesome Mainframe to the advantageous Open platform.

Citus MagicWand was first developed in 2014, as one of the first tools supporting conversion PL/I, Assembly, Cobol85 to NetCOBOL. The current version was upgraded to be more focused on PL/I conversion to NetCobol.


    • Quick & Cost-efficient conversion

With automation converting rate from 60% to 95%, the application decreases migration cost, increases reliability and shortens migrating time remarkably. It can convert 1 million lines of codes under 30 minutes.

    • Flexible conversion by declaring language grammars

The core of the tool supports converting one language to another flexibly by declaring grammars of original and destination language, based on conversion rules between them to transform the language trees.

    • Comprehensive output data

The entire conversion process & pattern is fully & transparently recorded to assist users to check the accuracy and coverage of the tool. Any unconverted lines of codes will be notified along with manual guidelines.