Citus SIMBOL  contains COBOL analyzer; COBOL to Java transcoder and Runtime Library to convert COBOL to Java in open platform or Cloud.

Analyzer Show

  • Program Interaction Diagrams
  • Resource usage
  • Program inside:Number of COBOL Verb in used; Statistic: number line of code, comments… Due to variant COBOL there is a log mechanism to identify which tokens are not supported yet, so the tool can be diagnosed and updated easily.

Java transcoder

  • Each line of COBOL generates exactly a single corresponding line of Java.
  • COBOL code would be commented right beside Java source code so it’s very easy to validate the transcoding result.
  • It bases on COBOL 85 but also supports some features in COBOL 2002.

Runtime Library

  • Emulates COBOL data types, functions in Java. It is easy to integrate with bat, shell when migrating Job Control Language (JCL).