Citus™ Magic Wand helps converting your entire Mainframe source codes to Open Platform

Inputting original source code

  • Users input single original source code

Citus Magic Wand methodology

  • Applying standard approach: tree transformation between two language trees;
  • Decoupling parsing source by grammar declaration;
  • Decoupling code generation by template declaration;

Comprehensive reports & logs

  • Along with converted source, the tool generates detailed reports & logs in order to provide a transparent insight into the conversion:
    • - Pattern conversion log: reports of all conversion patterns needed for converting this program from PL/I to NetCOBOL.
    • - Conversion coverage log makes sure all code lines are converted, whilst controls and notifies which cone lines are ignored or unconverted.
    • - Conversion log gathers all manual guidelines and convert messages;
    • - Application log contains all events, and errors which are recorded from user starts the tool until user closes the tool.