About Citus™ Cobol Suite


Citus™ Simbol

One click transformation from COBOL to JAVA

Citus SIMBOL is a tool suite that helps transform quickly and easily legacy code COBOL to JAVA as well as giving a good insight of the original COBOL source code.

By using the tool, each line of COBOL will generate very intentionally a single corresponding line of Java. The new JAVA source code can be easily tested, verified  to speed up & secure  the transition to open platforms. Re-architect then can be applied without much effort.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast and reliable
  • Proven effectiveness in multiple projects

Citus™ Magic Wand

One-of-a-kind tool to convert your entire Mainframe source codes to Open Platform

Citus MagicWand was developed to assist users in migrating their systems from the troublesome Mainframe to the advantageous Open platform.

Citus MagicWand was first developed in 2014, as one of the first tools supporting conversion PL/I, Assembly, Cobol85 to NetCOBOL. The current version was upgraded to be more focused on PL/I conversion to NetCobol.

  • Quick & cost efficient conversion
  • Flexible conversion by declaring language grammars
  • Comprehensive output data

How it works

Follow our three simple steps for free trial



  • Follow Citus Cobol Suite on AWS Marketplace through the trial link
  • Choose your suitable language (English /Japanese);
  • Fill in all the required information then click NEXT STEP;

Upload files and run conversions

  • Choose your desired Cobol conversion tool (Citus™ Simbol/Citus™ Magic Wand));
  • In the trial version, with each registration you can convert up to 10 files;
  • Select an option you would like to try, then click “SELECT FILE(s)” to upload your file(s) and click "NEXT STEP" to continue;

Receive your conversion results

  • After the conversion is finished, the converted source code and reports will be sent to your registered email.

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